Service philosophy

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The company has a complete quality service management system!
Quality is your focus, innovation is the life of our company! The company will ensure the quality of its products with the effective operation of the quality system, and strictly follow the ISO9002 standard on the "process" and "element" quality control of the products provided, so as to provide you with quality and reliable products.
To win the trust of customers with high quality, and to compete with rivals with service, we will sincerely serve you with better quality, better service and competitive price.



1. We are responsible for guiding the installation, commissioning and trial operation of the provided goods on the buyer's site. The technical service fee has been included in the total contract price.
2. Arrive at the buyer's site within 2 days after receiving the buyer's request to send someone to guide the installation and commissioning notice (telex or fax).
3. If there is a problem during the installation or operation of the goods, we will reply in writing within 12 hours of receiving the notice, and send someone to the site within 24 hours.
4. We are responsible for the free training of the buyer's technicians, operators and maintenance personnel.


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